10 Against All Odds Stories in the NBA

10 Against All Odds Stories in the NBA

Due to COVID-19, there are many challenges and hurdles being presented to players (and coaches) as it relates to recruiting and getting a fair shot at catching the attention of a college coach.

While the circumstances we are dealing with as a basketball community are certainly difficult, we still have the luxury of being able to continue to work on our game from the comfort of our home as well as a plethora of social and video technologies to stay connected. From a big picture standpoint, things could be a lot worse.

In an effort to put things into perspective this week, let’s take a look at 10 “against all odds” stories in the NBA. These stories include difficult upbringings, stories of endless critics, and more. No matter how difficult things get, just remember that there is always someone else who has it worse than you!



Our Mission at Premier Basketball

The mission of Colorado and Utah Premier Basketball Club is to provide an exceptional personal development experience through the game of basketball for youth ages 3-19 by teaching the values of hard work, accountability, team play, competitiveness, and sportsmanship.

We will provide comprehensive programs that help all of our athletes, from the beginning player to our elite national level players, become the best players and people they can be.

It is our goal to provide a safe and positive environment where all children feel valued and can feel great about their accomplishments. Most importantly, we hope that after our players have moved on from our organization, they will realize lifelong benefits from their experience with Premier.

Premier seeks to establish the highest quality youth basketball club in the world.

Our parents, athletes, and fans will find that Colorado Premier Basketball Club and Utah Premier Basketball Club are committed to the following five core values:

  1. Kids First:  We put the kids first in everything we do and every decision we make in our boys and girls youth basketball club.
  2. Whole Player – Whole Person Development:  Our programs expand beyond just basketball.  Through on and off the court activities, we attempt to instill the values of hard work, accountability, team play, sportsmanship and charity in all of our athletes.
  3. All Ages – All Abilities:  We believe that basketball can be a positive outlet for all youth, not just elite athletes.
  4. High-Quality Coaches and Staff:  We seek out the highest quality coaches and people to be a part of our organization.  We proudly support the Positive Coaches Alliance.
  5. Affordable, Value-Driven Programs:  Our staff and coaches are in this for kids, not money.  We keep our fees as low as we possibly can to run an exceptional organization and allow families the ability to have their kids play for Premier.




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