Boys High School Summer Basketball Training Session Open for Registration

Coach Mychal Martinez will be offering a 5-week summer basketball training session for Boys currently in or entering High School Fall of 2018 (Open to Premier and Non-Premier Players). The session will be held at Legend High School in Parker, CO starting on June 19th from 10-11: 30 am. Workouts will be limited to 12 players per workout.

Sessions will focus on the following areas for 5 weeks: Contested Finishing, Shooting Fundamentals, Ball Handling, Handling Pressure, Decision Making.

This 5 week training option is our most recommend skill development opportunity. It offers players a progressive skills curriculum that includes a balance of individual skill development and competitive drills generally over the course 6-8 weeks depending on the time of year. Players are able to train against guided defenders which provides them the opportunity to progress towards decision-making and game-specific drill situations. These sessions are great for players to learn how to translate their skills into actual games.

For more information about the 2018 Boys Summer High School Training session, please contact Coach Mychal at 702.324.4947/ or CLICK HERE.