Move of the Month: Hip Swivel


Starting Monday, January 8th, Premier Basketball Club will be doing a “Move of the Month” series that will feature different moves and tips each month to help Premier players improve their individual offensive game!

This month’s move is the “Hip Swivel.” This is a great move that can be used to create space and separation against aggressive defenders. Below are some key points to keep in mind when working on this move:

  1. The Hip Swivel is used against defenders that jam your hips and pressure the ball
  2. Get to a “closed stance” by using a cross-step when the defender begins to pressure you (ball, you, man)
  3. Chin stays attached to shoulder with vision downhill
  4. Don’t turn your back to the defender
  5. When the defender leans in and reaches, pound the ball and swivel hips into an open stance for the blow by
  6. Counter – If the defender jumps the strong hand to take away the drive lane, add a change of direction move (crossover, between the legs, etc.) to beat them in the opposite direction.

Study the video clips above and be sure to note the timing of the pound dribble, cross-step, and swivel in relation to when the defender leans in to pressure the ball.

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